Dreamt of B

3 09 2009

Who used to be mine. I still think about him, wondering how he’s doing. And I dreamt of him yesterday.

In my dream, we were back together again. He sent me to work, and like all ridiculous dreams, I sent him to work after that. Just to the train station. And I was late for work.

But yeah, the whole thing was pretty much realistic. We were so in love, kissing each other. We saw a shop selling tots apparel and he went in, picking out tops that had phrases like ‘I love you’ and showing them to me. It was so sweet. The whole thing, us, was very sweet indeed.

I told Nic about it. He asked is it a good sign or a bad one. I told him I need more signs. I mean, one dream doesn’t mean anything right? But this was the second. And while dreams are sometimes associated with devils at play, this month is a holy month, and the devils are tied up. So what does this dream means?

Am I.. beginning to get desperate? Or lonely? Haiz.




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