Hello world!

3 09 2009

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

And so it is.  In any case you stumble onto this rant page in a little corner of the world wide web,  Hello to ya.

I suddenly feel like writing. I stopped last year, writing in my personal journal. Actually, I like the whole idea of releasing my thoughts and emotions through pen and paper, but I’ve lost the momentum.  So now I’ve decided to just upgrade to online journal writing. Writing whatever. Anything. Personal, nonsense, intellectual (I hope).

So Nova Caine for the Soul. Inspired by the song Novocaine for the Soul. Well my brand of novocaine is just humour. Practically alot of things can make me laugh. It’s me. I can be amused at the slightest thing. It keeps me sane. I guess it keeps me young.

But deep inside, I can be quite a disaster. Struggling to keep my negative emotions in check. Psychoing myself that everything will be alright. Nothing of a major crisis, but some things have taken its toll. So I’m going to pour it all out here. Bit by bit when I feel like it.

There.  My first post. I’m going to get back to reading The Time Traveller’s Wife. And do my prayers.




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