Journey home with my bro pal

4 09 2009

It’s been ages since we last went home together from work. It’s also been ages since the 3 of us had dinner. Apparently, relationship has been keeping him away from us. I know he didn’t intentionally drift away from us; he must have his reasons. But the gap is quite apparent. But it’s normal. It always happens. Nevertheless we will never forget each other. He never fails to say hi whenever he sees me online.

The latest scoop on him? Another failed relationship. I even broke out into laughter! I’m sorry but I guess I’m just trying to make light of things. Or I’m just plain amused because it always happens to him. I mean of course I feel sorry because he doesn’t deserve all this, it’s always the girls, never him. With the exception of the previous one where family matters stood in the way.

I’m disappointed that she is so materialistic. I couldn’t even fathom how a car is made into a testament of love. No car? That’s gonna be a problem she says. There’s just about a thousand other things to think about and all you can think of is a bloody car.

And of course, the fact that there are some things she couldn’t accept. Like having her in-laws stay with her. And she couldn’t even compromise. She wanted things her way. It’s ridiculous. And then she turned things around by making it sound like it’s him, and not her.




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