This is what my reply would have been

16 09 2009

Dear A,

I’m sorry that I don’t feel the same way as you do. In fact, it’s been that way after those few phone calls with you. Even our first meeting could not change me.

I’ve never showed signs that I’m interested in you during the meeting, hoping that you can read them. But apparently not. What’s worse is that even after telling you that I’m still searching for that someone out there, you still don’t get it.

And you kept bringing up the subject again and again, insisting that I should call you or even go online even after I told you honestly that I’m so busy with my cake making. It made me frustrated even more. So I decided to keep quiet because I got so tired of explaining.

And you got it. Finally.

You’re an adult. A year older. But yet you don’t seem to know how to deal with issues like this, I don’t know how I can be friends with you either. You couldn’t even wait, and you’re telling me about being patient. Just because you find that our ‘date’ was nice and you felt something and that I meet your criteria and you think it’s a beginning of something. And you’re telling me that I’m the one who don’t understand.

I was trying my best to put up with your conversational skills. Or rather the lack of it. But I can’t force myself any further. There were things you weren’t truthful about and you’re so ignorant about them. Your constant comments about my pay and job and my golf picture just turned me off and you weren’t sensitive about it. I just couldn’t associate the way you speak with your age and it makes it even harder.

By then I wasn’t in the mood to meet you. But I tried, after all there’s nothing wrong with being friends. But you were too quick in wanting more. You wouldn’t have done that if you were mindful enough.

Telling the truth was tough, so I decided to stay quiet hoping that you’ll get the idea. No. You went on telling me how hurtful it was to be ignored. All the more it frustrated me that as an adult you don’t get it and then turn things around making me the bad person. And you just wouldn’t stop. Already losing my number is a sign things won’t be like you wanted it to be but you just couldn’t let it go, insisting that I’ll call you or text you. For goodness sake, we’re not even good friends, yet you expected me to be.

As a friend, my advice (which I already did) to you is to date more people, gain more experience in dealing with ladies and your own feelings. Don’t just fall for someone too quickly without being sure that she likes you too and that you’re both compatible. Love and trust take time, no matter how long. And don’t set expectations, or you’ll end up disappointed. Don’t be too persistent, you have yourself to blame if things don’t work out.

All the best and take care.




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