Where was I?

23 09 2009

So I’ve lagged a bit. Well it has been one helluva busy week. Our last stretch to the finishing line. We ended up baking people’s orders on Raya’s eve. We cooked around midnight. We baked one more cake for Cik Sal. My sisters just baked a few cookies. Me and my mom tried baking pineapple tarts yesterday. Yeah, we were this late.

Thank goodness everything’s over. Though we do have a few orders to fulfil, extra cash is always welcome. And I was back to work yesterday.

Pretty eventful day yesterday. My partner in crime in all things nonsensical was at his usual self and I joined along doing more nonsensical stuff. Like me acting out how I’d eat the treat Dan gave us months ago from his China trip if it had maggots. The auntieness in me to the rescue by giving Jason a plastic knife that I kept just in case for him to cut the mooncake. Him asking me to pretend throwing something towards him and he counter reacted by placing the plastic knife between his teeth, as if he caught what I threw to him. Him updating his facebook status asking people who is this colleague, who said that if you tilt a square at 45 degree, you’ll get a diamond. And our colleagues responded. They replied it was me. Yeah bingo. And other funnies that me and Jason came up with.

The finale of my work day, that nobody in the office knew (unless you chance upon this entry) was that I was almost caught with my pants down. Almost. Thank goodness, no, and because of that it didn’t traumatised me much hehe.

I went to the executive toilet because the ladies is under renovations. I didn’t realise that I did not lock th door. So I did the deed, and stood at the corner to pull up my knickers and my pants. Because the door is translucent so you can’t stand in front of it to do whatever except to wash your hands at the sink, so you have to hide at the corner near the toilet. So while I pulled up halfway, the door opened! Thankfully not wide enough and I quickly exclaimed ‘sorry sorry’. Which should have been that person instead isn’t it? I can’t remember what she said but she closed the door back, I recognised her voice. It was the secretary.

I got back to the office, if I see her, I will explain. But she wasn’t there. Few mins later she came in. The best part is that she went straight to the colleagues sitting in front of me and told them what happened. I thought of making eye contact with her to signal or go up to her when she’s seated but I thought, why should I when she didn’t recognise it was me? But man, it’s so annoying watching her recounted all the details in front of me, thinking that she did it behind my back! How wicked! But I just laughed it off since I was anonymous.

Night time came and I went to the doctor. While waiting I decided to call Myzee. And he said he was just about to msg me. And said that yeah I was too busy making cakes to talk to him. Hmm. Cute. And we talked about stuff. This is our first phone call after 3 weeks or so. Suddenly I felt a little hopeful. And this is after exchanging news and getting all friendly with B the night before. Back to square one. Adoring these 2 guys.

Only time will tell…




One response

24 09 2009

wah…2 guys ah…good loh…can choose ma…
haiz…i’m nt so lucky le…1 girl alrdy cannot handle…tough nut 2 crack…

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