Overactive soul at work

28 09 2009

I might have woken up tired due to too much sleep, but I realised it was because my soul wandered too much. I encountered more dreams yesterday than usual, after so long.

A couple of them are intertwined, come to think of it, they were all pretty much related to each other. One notable dream was …

Adik (yes THAT Adik) visited me. There was something else that happened that made her come to my place but I can’t remember it now. What I can remember was that she wanted me to sign some papers for insurance related matters. She and my mom talked. I didn’t tell mom who she actually is. Somehow my mom was asking Adik about her brothers and Adik quickly mentioned B, not by name but by describing that she has someone who is 2 years younger than me. My mom somehow didn’t look so impressed. But still she seemed ok with Adik, and Adik invited us to help her out in some kenduri or charity work, along the lines.

I remembered dreaming about me studying at a university, with Myzee as my classmate. I dreamt about getting to islands nearby Singapore. I dreamt about reading an article describing a strange incident in someone’s house, and I actually went to the scene take a look.

Somehow the above events happened over a period of time. Eventually, the day to help Adik out came, and mom allowed me to go. Mom even told me that Adik called her and asked for my email address to tell me of the new location to meet. It was quite last minute so I messaged both Adik and B about it. Then I dreamt that I boarded a ferry to go to that address.

By now the dreams aren’t as vivid as I experienced them of course. I could have missed out some things though. Nevertheless it was one helluva night for my soul to wander.




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29 09 2009

i couldnt slp well 4 e past wk!!! i knw wat u wanna say…it’s her rite??!!! hahaha…partly la…but i reckon is bcoz i slp damn early (10+), then i can wake up at 4am..everyday w/o fail!!!

even today, e BIGGEST DAY of my life, i wake up @ 3.30!!!!! 4 fuck sia!!!! then i toss n turn till 7, then buay tahan hv 2 wake up… :p

29 09 2009
Nova Caine

oh my god u didn’t! u slept early? i thought i always see u online!

gosh…i missed that feeling… the whole ordeal, pre-date jitters. but i try my damnest to control coz i dun wanna screw it up either. i’ll try not to envision anything coz usually, what i vision and expect never happen.

Jason did asked me once how do i feel, pre-date. i just told him, just normal. And he replied, if he’s someone who matters, surely you will feel something. it’s not that i don’t feel anything, i was just trying to be super cool! coz the more i see it as a date, the more nervous i get. so i try to psycho myself that it’s just a casual meeting, and i feel a lot more relaxed. u really dun want to come across as trying too hard to impress. and u dun wanna scare the guy off 🙂 i mean, i’m just a girl! i’ve to be like one!

but sometimes i forgot! coz i treated it as a normal meeting and by being myself, i ended being like one of the guys. hehe.

be cool ok dude? becoz really, what usually turn us on is not your looks or sweet words. well, simple compliments like “You look good” does help! tee hee. oh and you already have both – good looks and sweet words! rather, it’s how you are able to make her feel at ease when she’s around you. 😉

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