Where our problem lies…

5 10 2009

That you will only show it if I tell you that I love you.
But I’ll only say it after you show me that you love me.




4 responses

10 10 2009

those 3 words r sacred man…use it sparingly…n use it when u truly mean it..if nt, it’s best 2 leave it in yr heart 😉

it may hv more negative effects than positive…hv faith…i’m sure u wl hv all e time in e world 2 use when u find yr true love babe…hugz!!

10 10 2009
Nova Caine

oh u read? hahah….this is classified stuff man haha….but what u said it’s true. i dun want to be careless anymore where matters of the heart is concern 🙂

10 10 2009
Nova Caine

and thank you so much bro! for ur endless concern. may we both find our true love…who’s out there…somewhere…

10 10 2009

of coz i read!!!! then wat 4 u gave me yr blog n not wantin me 2 read??? hahahah…sotong u…keke :p

yup yup, i’m sure we wl….only time wl tell…so we must perserve 😉

no prob babe…wat r friends 4…a shoulder 2 lean on is wat we can lend ea other in times of need…n mine is always available 4 u 😉

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