11 10 2009

Heh… Clever. I can’t think of a title for my post. But the fact is I’m at work. Not that I mind because… Because. ­čÖé

Yesterday was an interesting episode of Tangisan Bulan Madu. I’ve spoilt myself 2 weeks ago by reading the synopsis so I decided to tell my mom about it.

Before that we were out visiting. We visited our 5th floor neighbour and my mom’s aunt. You know what’s in common between the both of them? They said to my mom, ‘Tak lama lagi nak dapat menantulah’. Which means, ‘You’re gonna get a son in law soon’. Don’t I wish! But I don’t even have a potential. I mean, the ones that I’m hoping are drifting far away and they aren’t within my grasp. Even B… Well… I don’t think I can hope much anymore…

On with happier things. Friday night was so awesome! Why? Because I was reunited with my primary school mates! A list of who’s who – Muly, Nora, Zailah, Zulina, Yuhanies, Noraini, Effendi, Had and Yuzaimi. There were those who couldn’t make it because of work.┬áThere could have been a lot more. We showed each other our class photos, and naming who’s who in those photos, laughing at our own faces. Recalling stories of so and so. And the things we did back then. It was a merry night for all of us, drowning Starbucks Fullerton with our laughter.┬áMaybe I should have┬ámy own Blast from the Past entries to tell you what I can remember from way back then.

By the way he hasn’t replied my sms yet. Like I said, I don’t think I can hope much anymore.




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