Letting it out finally

15 10 2009

Guess I couldn’t hold it any longer. Maybe Nicholas can say something about this.

So I was all concern about him being stress at work. This is 2 days after our supposed date. Or meeting. Whatever. We continued, informing each other about our interviews.

Then at night, I decided to be frank. I’m tired of being nice and understanding when the actual fact is that I was being stood up. I mean, so much for missing me, when you don’t even want to meet me.

Nobody can accept it when someone couldn’t even send a simple sms telling me that he or she couldn’t make it. Come on, you don’t need to be taught. I think if you’re a considerate person, no matter how busy or sick you are, you should tell the other person that you couldn’t make it. I know that there can be situations that you can’t avoid, those are truly emergencies. But what he did is just bullshit.

I can understand his reasons. In fact, I don’t even have to know. But I just don’t understand why he didn’t tell me, and why he didn’t reply to my sms when I asked him where to meet. So I just let the matter be, watch 500 Days of Summer alone. And I asked him at night. He just said he’s stress over work. And I asked him again 2 nights later. I told him I couldn’t understand why he didn’t apologise and tell me. He said apart from stress, he has something to confess but was afraid to tell me. And he said he didn’t understand why he didn’t tell me either. Bullshit.

Lame replies, but come to think of it, he could have lied if he wanted to. I’m disappointed rather than mad, and this made me weak. I mean, I still adore him despite this, but at the same time, I can’t give in too easily.

And I’ve gotten this shit before from someone else, I’m beginning to wonder how normal is this. If I can lax about this. But I don’t like it. And I hate it when people forget their appointments.




One response

19 10 2009

i tink & KNOW it’s jus crap la…if he got no hp, i can b mor tolerant…but hw much time can he takes 2 call u..wat e @#$% MAN!!!! tis guy shld b taught a lesson man…but then agn, dun waste yr energy on such ass..!!

it’s nt yr fault…it’s him who needs 2 ustand u, nt e other way rd!! wake up darlin!!!!! is tis e same guy u met last time??? evaluate properly b4 u’re taken 4 a wild ride agn ya…dun let him do tis 2 u….my heart hurts when my friends r treated tis way….hv e heart 2 let him go…..we can pull thru tis together 😉

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