Shoot me! Shoot me!

16 10 2009

I realized that I chose a romance novel over time spent with MyZee. Then again, please, I just don’t appreciate last minute plans. You don’t call me at 6.30pm and ask me to accompany me you to your female friend’s wedding solemnization. He always have that habit. Well, sorry dude, that is my pet peeve.

Well, I’m sure he has his reasons. Sigh. Why now? He even asked me, Why do I sound shocked? Well, it’s been a while since I heard from him. Anyways, I need to be home. And I don’t look that presentable. Goes to show that I need to revamp my wardrobe. Or rather my dressing style. I’m working on it actually. I don’t have to wait till the new year to start dressing up.

Haiz. Am I thinking too much? I mean no I’m not, just letting things out. There’s no denying that you have certain reactions and emotions towards guys who matter to you. Even though I want to be that feisty femme fatale of not letting these boys affect me. But I know all that they expect from me is to be just cool. The problem is I just can’t! Grr. Being cool is like being just a friend and I don’t want to be just a friend.

“So once in my life, let me get what I want.”




3 responses

19 10 2009

y u let him do tt 2 u??? apparently, he’s treatin u lik spare tyre babe…u’re worth more than tt!!!

19 10 2009
Nova Caine

erm.. u know this is fm a diff guy rite? the other post is abt another guy. kekeke.

19 10 2009

ehhhhhhh…..i didnt knw…kekeke…..but either way, u shouldnt let them do it 2 u loh…

dun b soft k.. 😉

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