In my own words, Love Is …

5 11 2009

I spotted the popular comic strip by Kim Casali on my sister’s table, and here’s what love is to me :

Love is … loving that person like you would love yourself.

Love is … making that person stay when that person tries to walk away.

Love is … being there for that person in times of need.

Love is … helping that person be the best that the person can be.

Love is … sharing both sadness and happiness together.

Love is … seeing that person happy even if you have to let that person go.

Love is … giving encouragement, an emotional push to see that person achieve the best.

Love is … being sensitive to the person’s needs.

Love is … about surprises that will bring smile to that person’s face.

Love is … about self-improvement that can bring good to the relationship.

Love is … opening your heart to changes for the better.




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