2nd time round, it’s so much better

11 12 2009

Though he does show his attitude some times. But I reckon it’s a guy’s thing. I appreciate a lot that he doesn’t fake it. He doesn’t try too hard. He’s surprisingly earnest, he doesn’t cover up. Though I hope I can spot it if he does.

I love his teases. He doesn’t go overboard with them. Only the part in the movie where he repeated what Edward Cullen said. He was probably joking but it’s a stupid joke. Other than that he cracks me up with those teases.

There were moments where we’d be silent. But there were moments where we can talk about everything too. We talked about more generic stuff, about life now compared to our past. That’s how we started this time round.

The thing about going back together again is that we’re still seeing the flaws that we saw the last time. Whether we can tolerate each other this time, I’m not sure. At the same time, I’ve fallen for the who he is now and not because of our past. And some things we can deal a lot better. I know I can, and I really hope so.

There are habits that I’ve seen before that I can get used to. Because there are some things new about him that I’ve discovered that I can appreciate. While I’m making efforts into this relationship, giving more and expecting less, it’s within my beliefs and principles. And I’ll be observing him. If things don’t work out, we both have to let go of each other. And I agree with him, there won’t be a third time.




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