On a day like today

11 12 2009

It’s been a month since I post my entries! And on a day like today, it’ll be nice to spend it on posting. Reflections. Hopes. Dreams. Wishes. Thoughts. Feelings.

I’ll just post what ever’s on my mind. On a day like today.

On this day, my 29th year of my life, it was also my job anniversary. My first day at work 9 yrs ago. Oh shucks, a year more and it’s going to be a decade. Work buddies come and go, crushes come and go, friends come and go, colleagues come and go. I’ve seen it all.

It was also the day I sent him my first sms. A beginning of a friendship that turned into something more. We parted 2 months later but now we’re back together again. Will it last this time?




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