Touched by her words, Amused by her gift

11 12 2009

My sup gave me the company’s birthday token – 10 bucks, well it covered my $9.10 lunch yesterday. Yippee!

Then I started reading the birthday cards my mom and sisters gave me.

My mom’s wishes were normal. Couple of years ago she wrote in length and they were very touching. They made me cry. But I guessed those words didn’t have much impact on me as the days went by, so the messages got a little shorter every year. This is as much as I could admit. Yes, I can be horrible actually.

But it’s now or never. It’s all about having the right attitude in whatever situations I have to face, even if it involves my mom. I just have to work things out to prevent her from saying things about me. All I need is to be a little more gracious. And grateful.

My youngest sister gave me a book about poo. Truly original! But I do feel like puking. But that’s her. Very witty and whimsical. My second sister penned some words of encouragement. They made my eyes tear. It really hit spot on. We both know how things were so we do understand, but on my part, I don’t want to make any excuses too.




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