How it came to this

22 12 2009

I know I can’t have you, but to be able to talk to you and work with you is good enough. Who would have thought that you have the faith and confidence in me to help you on your wedding?

 I know that deep inside you care about me. I know you tried to find ways to see me. But knowing you, you won’t admit. But it’s ok. I can be nonchalant about everything, as long as I do my part as a friend.

 We started off as virtual friends. And the conversation we have were ‘colourful’. One moment we were bantering, the next moment we quarreled. Yes I did feel disappointed that after you broke up with her, you didn’t turn to me, but to your parent’s choice. How ironic that our first meeting was a double date. Too bad your friend is unlike you. And you understood me.

The feelings have since died. We’re better off as friends, and we will be cool friends. But I wouldn’t throw away the chance of being with you one day. If we are meant to be.

 But for now, let me help you with your wedding preparations…




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