Reality mirrored my dream.

29 12 2009

Sort of.

Bi had to close the shop that he is working at for the day. I helped him to speed things up. We went home after that, reaching at the side of the road. Suddenly a car came to where we were standing and he got it, leaving me behind. He didn’t even say good bye, let alone asked me to get in with him. I was disappointed.

Myzee suddenly arrived to my side in a cab. I got it. He started making out with me and I actually let him.

Bi has yet to disappoint me. Unless I want to consider him not giving me any presents on my birthday as a disappointment. If he thinks birthdays aren’t important, then I’ll just do the same.

Myzee suddenly called and said he wanted to pass me something. He drove to my place to give me my present. He bought scarves from Bangkok for me. I guessed. Well at least he was very thoughtful. And sweet. He asked what to do on our next date. And asked me to go Malacca with him. He has no idea because I didn’t tell him about me and Bi.

Why only now Myzee? Whatever it is, you didn’t call or talk to me for about a few months, so I’ve lead my life and moved on. It’s just that I don’t want to close my heart to him.

I do feel like meeting him again. Or should I wait for him to ask me? Since I’m seeing Bi, I don’t want to complicate matters. But then, aren’t me and Myzee just friends? I can’t hold on to the things he said to me, he may not mean anything. He may not have any intentions. So why would there be complications? I’m still loyal to Bi.

I can only hope for the best.




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