Cookie Bouquet class
Clear my Specialist Diploma in E-Commerce
Ina’s wedding preparations
Rina and Ling Nee getting married
Saiful’s Wedding Preparations
One running event

To-Do List
Test – February
Set up my website – March
Reorganise my wardrobe – January
Reorganise make-up, skin care – January
On-going cake decoration skills

Making these a habit
Save $400 monthly – do not take out any cash from this account
Drink Vitamin C
Making up when I go out
Scrub and Mask once a week
Trim tummy
Get rid of eye dark circles
Sleep early

Start exercising or running
Pick up a sport
Make over?
Spa treatment
Ride a bike

A better Inner Self
Be content, grateful, gracious
Smile and don’t get too uptight easily
Be positive and you will attract positive opportunities
Be good and you will get good things in return
Control my temper

Last but not least
To love you like I’ve never love before. To be there for you. To help you and us strive for better things, better selves.


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