10 01 2010

When you said that there’s something missing in our relationship, I can’t just simply do nothing and let it be. I know I could have done better so I’m trying to revive it by putting in more effort. If I still didn’t meet your expectations, then I guess I’m not your type.

Relationship needs effort. It takes two. Love is supposed to grow as time passes by. If you’re feeling it lesser and lesser, and you let it be without doing anything about it, then what’s the point of continuing it?

There has been an increasing need to be by your side at a time like this when you’re struggling with your current job. I’m loving you more now. But if it’s not being reciprocated then it’s pointless don’t you think?

There’s nothing to do with pressure. If you’re comfortable with the relationship you’d put in effort without thinking too much. But if you want it easy, it’s as good as having no strings attached, and I’d probably want to keep my options open. In that case, I don’t see the point of us getting intimate.

I need things to be clear. I can’t read your mind on what you want. What I want is that I be taken seriously.




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