Mish Mash of Dreams

24 01 2010

I’m trying to recall……..

We were in this ladies praying hall at the mosque but there were a few guys among us. That’s not allowed. I talked to this guy beside me, and then a lady came. She was his girlfriend. I decided to leave them alone, it’s the best that I can do. Suddenly she threw a fit, and took something out of a cabinet nearby and chased me. She was holding a pair of scissors and got very close to me and wanted to stab my back. Specifically, just above the small of my back. I could really feel the fear of me dying, feeling the pain. But I half-woke in time before she stabbed my back. I found out somewhere that if you have never experienced something in life before, you will not experienced it in a dream…

I dreamt that I had to go up to the last floor of the school to attend Malay lessons.

I dreamt that me and Bi did the ‘half’ rear entry at the pedestrian crossing.




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