(500) Days of Summer

11 10 2009

I caught it alone. Actually I’ve read the spoilers before and the ending is not worth watching with someone you adore. But it IS the not-your-ordinary love story you must watch.

It made me cry too. But I can watch it again if someone asked me to. There are some funny scenes that you’ll remember for a long time, like the Ikea scene and the morning-after-top-of-the-world dance. It’s a story all of us can relate to. Whether you’re the guy or the girl, at any point of time, you went along dating someone, having a good time, hoping he/she would fall in love with you. You thought that this person is the ONE for you, but he/she found the ONE in somebody else. And those 500 days were just memories.

I guess such a storyline is a selling point going by the ratings and it’s performance at the box office. Throw in 2 adorable leads (even I myself adored Zooey Duschanel, not just Joseph Gordon Lewitt) and you have a winner.

And I just love the music they put into the movie! I’ll definitely get the soundtrack for sure. It’s classic Brit Pop at its best, songs that tells stories of love that you believed in. Infectious and feel good tunes.

In all, I gave it a thumbs up! It’s cool, it’s bittersweet, it’s poignant. Watch it!


Friday On TV – Nur Kasih

4 09 2009

It’s Friday! And I’m hooked on the drama series Nur Kasih.