So nice, sweet and sexy

14 01 2010

I was out with this guy. We’ve been hanging out frequently; in fact, we are in a relationship, though it wasn’t so serious. He was accompanying me while I waited till it was time to get into my cookie bouquet class. I was lugging my bag that was filled with materials to bring for the class. We were out and about, went into this Middle Eastern café for lunch when I realized my bag was missing. I told him it could be at the place where we left before we came here to eat and he ran all the way to look for it. Unfortunately it wasn’t there anymore, but I was so touched that he ran there to get it. I kissed him and we started making out in public, with him carrying me. I was so happy, laughing and asked him to stop and we were so in love. Only then I studied how he looked like, how good looking he is, how boyish he looked. He looked like that new actor from the TV show Together. He is younger than me, but cares for me endlessly. We have common friends, so I trust him

It was just a dream.




3 responses

24 01 2010

i made e rite time 2 read yr blog agn sweets…hahahah…NICE!!!!!!! someone’s in love!!! awwwwww…tt’s so sweet!! 😉

hv fun dear!! hv LOTS OF IT!!!

24 01 2010
Nova Caine

Dear, didn’t you read my last line of that entry?
It was just a DREAM.
Yup. I dreamt of that. I seriously wished it was real because the guy was sooo hot. Like, so damn good looking.
I have another dream to share. Oh and did you check out my 2010 page? Hehe.

27 01 2010

opppss!!! i tot u meant “it felt lik a dream”…so all along i tot it was real!! kekeke….i was too excited when i c tt u’re attached ma… :p cant blame me loh… :p

hmmmm…..i didnt read tt…y leh?? juicy news ah?? kekek..

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